ABCs of Bullying

We personally ASPIRE to teach and learn more about the epidemic called BULLYING. We  as a society have to CARE enough to DISSEMINATE, the EFFECT it has on our nation. Avoiding the FACT that is exist lends us GULLIBLE to the situation. We must HAND in HAND and fight to ISOLATE the issues surrounding the problem. To achieve this JUSTICE, we must arm ourselves with KNOWLEDGE and LOVE and MATURE past finger pointing and deal with it head on. The entire NATION is under constant attack of social issues daily and it should be our mission to put enough attention on this that we OVERWHELM bullies away from their targets. PARENTS must realize that staying QUIET about the situation is not the answer and REALIZE and accept that we all need to be a part of the SOLUTION. We must also remember when dealing with this issue our faith will be TESTED. However, we must UNDERSTAND that there are no quick solutions and sincerely VALUE the process and remain true to it. WE are the answer and must X-RAY our own belief systems to correct the problem. Finally, we must YEARN to work together to find solutions and approach this problem with the same ZEALOUSNESS we do other issues in society….WE ALL PLAY A ROLE!