Be Better Programs

Be Better World LLC, realizes that bullying is real and plays out on a daily basis in homes, neighborhoods, schools, and businesses all over the world. However, we also realize that if we are armed with the appropriate tools, there is a high likelihood of resolving many issues before they reach the stage of bullying. 

Be Better World, has developed a myriad of courses, coaching & training sessions, and keynotes around our acronym C.C.R.A.B.S.  Through our programs and small group studies, we have proven that when the acronym is deployed, the likelihood of issues escalating have decreased significantly. Our approach is to empower people of all ages and not spend time focusing on the attributes of the bully. 

Boys to Leaders Program

“From Boys to Leaders”
Young Men Mentoring Program
This is a 5-week program designed to expose young men to some basic life skills in an environment with other young men and future leaders. Each week, the group will have the opportunity to meet community leaders who will share their story from different sectors of the business world. In addition, participants will work as a team on projects and through the C.C.R.A.B.S methodology as a part of the anti-bullying movement. Furthermore, participants will engage in a sports activity followed by dinner as a group. The weekly 2-hour program will provide a life changing experience for all who participate!
This program is designed for young men between grades 6 and 12.