Have you met Captain Crab & The Crab Pot Crew?

BE BETTER World founded by William Henry is all about the transformational skills that awaken the most powerful form of confidence— clarity and resilience. It unveils the advocate in all of us which builds success. William Henry identified that behind every successful person is their belief in themselves and a strong external support system. 

William B. Henry is the founder of Be Better World LLC, an anti-bullying campaign geared towards empowering youth to deal with the symptoms of bullying before it becomes a serious issue.  His stance takes a different approach as he calls on the parental unit to be a part of the solution. Be Better has gained National attention and his motto is “We All Play A Role”. 

William is also the owner of Big Sky Ballin’ LLC.  Big Sky Ballin’ is a sports organization responsible for putting on one of the largest 3 on 3 outdoor basketball tournaments in the Northwest Region, Above the Rim, which is now in its 7th year.  Along with Above the Rim, Big Sky Ballin’ also runs several youth sports leagues and tournaments throughout the year.   

​Before devoting most of his time to Be Better and Big Sky Ballin’, William served as a Vice President for a billion dollar not for profit organization.  He obtained his Undergraduate degree in Human Resources Management from the University of Florida and has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. William has spoken at several local and national conferences.  

In addition to founding Be Better, William spends time mentoring youth and he takes pride in making a genuine difference in their lives.  William lives in Billings, Montana with his lovely wife, Yolawnda, and his outgoing daughter, Bria.