C.C.R.A.B.S Methodology

Our Team

The team at Be Better understands that the epidemic of Bullying is not new and will not go away! Our desire is to equip both the parents and our youth with a systematic way to approach the problem.  Given this, we have created what we refer to as the C.C.R.A.B.S methodology.  It is our hope that when these steps are deployed, it gives our youth a platform and empowers them to approach the situation head on!
As a part of our presentations and seminars we dive deeper into each section. The definition of the acronym is below:

C- Clarity of the situation
C-Confidence to address the situation directly
R-Resiliency to continue to do what needs to be done to rid yourself of the situation
A- Advocacy to act when you see others struggling in a situation
B- Bullying                          
S- Stops