Be Better Business

Be Better Business, a division of Be Better World, is a consulting group aimed at Operational Excellence in the business environment.

The Be Better Business team has over 60 plus years in business and blood banking. The team has spent many of those years in the blood banking industry in a variety of capacities and has a passion for helping blood operations become more efficient and reducing overall cost. As a whole, the healthcare industry is experiencing financial constraints and blood centers are no exception. The Be Better team understands many of the demands being placed on blood centers around the country and works with operations to find practical solutions to solve problems. Unlike other “consulting firms” Be Better Business will not engage in business that does not fall into the expertise of the organization. 

Be Better Business specializes in:
 ● Production Planning
 ● Lean Six Sigma
 ● Data Analysis
 ● IT Solutions
 ● Operations Management
 ● Process Improvement
 ● Human Resources
 ● Recruitment/Sales 

Whether your business is looking to improve in the areas of recruiting customers, overall sales, logistics or IT solutions, let Be Better Business assess how we might be able to assist. All great coaches have coaches, now it’s time for you to let Be Better Business coach your operation to the next level… Don’t wait, success awaits!!