Thank you for taking the time to stop and be a part of the BE BETTER movement.  

The BE BETTER movement has been gaining recognition both locally and nationally. Our movement is designed around teaching some of the core competencies around how to “POTENTIALLY AVOID BULLYING.”

We realize and respect that bullying is occurring daily in our society all over the WORLD. However, with the research that we have done and with the hands-on experience of coaching and mentoring EDUCATORS, PARENTS AND STUDENTS, there are core concepts that are being omitted and we are jumping right to bullying.

Our mission is to help provide clarity around the systemic issues of bullying and equip educators, parents, and students to better handle situations that can be resolved before it rises to the level of bullying!

It is up to ALL OF US to work together to resolve these issues and when done effectively MOST situations can be resolved quickly and with limited consequences.